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Reengineer Workflow Using Intranet Technology

March 1, 1997
Plastering an intranet site with existing HR content can prove a big winner. It can slash phone calls and paperwork and allow HR to use personnel in a far more strategic role. But companies that stop here may be missing some of the biggest gains offered by self-service technology.
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Finding Time To Be Strategic

October 1, 1996
Employee self-service has matured. Technologies like interactive voice response, kiosks and intranets are slashing administrative work and redefining human resources. Once your system is installed, HR can veer off the paper trail and explore more strategic paths.
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Policy Matters

May 1, 1996
Implementing an e-mail policy can go a long way toward clarifying who legally owns and has the right to access and review e-mail system messages in the workplace.
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