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PrivacyEntitlement or Illusion

Employers have a right to information about their workers. Indeed, checking backgrounds secures safety, and monitoring activity promotes productivity. But workers, too, have a right and that's to privacy. Here's how you can achieve your need for information without sacrificing their dignity.
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Client_server HR's Helping Hand

Client/server technology is one of the newest kids on the block. While HR managers and HRIS specialists have been learning about client/server's many digital talents-such as helping people get more work done more quickly-they also have learned that client/server can easily turn from Dr. Jekyl to Mr. Hyde. Learn how this sophisticated networking tool can be your friend-or foe.
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Under Fire at the LAPD

Perhaps no other police force in the world is as well-known as the Los Angeles Police Department. Amid all the recent turmoil from high-profile cases, one thing is clear. The city's future depends on the LAPD's ability to adopt successful human resources
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