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Reengineering Out of the Rubble

December 1, 1993
As new technologies change building codes for corporate structures, firms scramble for radical new work designs. It's called reengineering, and it's not just slashing jobs or automating existing processes. It's a golden opportunity to rebuild and shape the future.
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How Technology Is Advancing HR

September 1, 1993
Technology is improving HR's performance in such areas as training, benefit administration and recruitment while reducing HR's time on menial tasks and saving thousands of dollars. However, HR professionals need toknow how this new technology works to use it effectively.
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Employees Who Steal from Customers

For years, companies have caught bank employees, stockbrokers, attorneys, private investigators and retail clerks stealing from customers. The negative publicity can be bad enough, but such acts bring into serious question the competence of the HR department or the person responsible for hiring the individuals.
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Employees Steal from Super-markets as a Way To Get Even

When it comes to employee theft, supermarkets are among the hardest-hit of all businesses. Clearly some feel disenfranchised and exploited. Says one employee, "During the last couple of years, the company has kept raising the standards and cutting back on the hours allotted to keeping those standards up. If you don't work off the clock, the job won't get done. Some people steal as a way to get even."
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