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Cracking the Hiring Code

June 1, 2004
Companies are shelling out anywhere from $35,000 to $150,000 to participate in contests such as those that challenge programmers to write code. For companies, the payoff is twofold: the ability to see the skills of employees that a traditional interview will never deliver, and a chance to spread their brand name.
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10 Questions to Ask Before Outsourcing

May 29, 2004
Find out some of the most common problems that come along with outsourcing, particularly with technology initiatives. These problems include the lack of an escape clause; too little preparation for cultural issues, such as unhappy employees and managers; and a failure to first figure out whether the outsourcing effort will really provide a return on investment.
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Guru Nation

April 2, 2004
Management gurus, including Stephen Covey, Tom Peters and Gary Hamel, are making millions by promising companies that their techniques and insights can improve productivity and make the most of human capital. Whether they really deliver on those promises is another issue.
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The Five-Alarm Job

January 30, 2004
What makes a hot job hot? It's not always money, prestige or glamour. A hot job, more than anything else, offers opportunity and meshes with the current values, attitudes and desires of the workforce. Companies that understand the timeless ingredients of a hot job can slash turnover, pump up productivity and bolster the bottom line.
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