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Adventures in Outsourcing

June 2, 2005
BP's trailblazing 1999 pact with Exult has had its successes, but it also serves as an object lesson in how not to carry out an HR outsourcing deal--and illustrates how much the landscape has changed.
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Welcome to the Club

April 8, 2005
Costco pays generous wages and benefits in accord with CEO Jim Sinegal’s maxim: "Taking care of your employees and turning inventory faster than your people is good business." The chain is experiencing booming growth and surging revenue and profits.
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Telecounseling Find Favor With EAPs

November 1, 2004
Some companies are advancing the telephone from a referral tool to a way to deliver therapy. Proponents say it’s an efficient, effective way to deal with all but the most serious mental-health issues, but critics say it’s untested and is offered only to curb costs.
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