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Quiet Retirement

October 1, 2004
From jobs to health care to retirement, President Bush and Sen. John Kerry are promoting proposals that will directly affect employers. This special report analyzes these key issues, contrasting the approaches the candidates say they'll take. Social Security and pension reform: Heard much about these issues during the campaign? No one has.
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Good-Bye to the Golden Age of Options

September 3, 2004
Rules from the Financial Accounting Standards Board won't take effect until 2005 or later. But many companies are already refashioning their incentive plans, curbing the amounts of their option grants, limiting who is eligible, or both.
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An Inside Job At CNA

July 30, 2004
In early 2003, CNA's management ordered a complete overhaul. First on the to-do list: bring recruiting in-house. The company coached hiring managers to work strategically with recruiters so that hiring needs are met. The results: CNA's recruiting team filled 2,000 new positions and saved $3.5 million last year. It aims to hire 2,000 more people this year.
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