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The Hive Mind at Work

When Michael O'Malley discusses the hive mind, he’s not speaking figuratively. A social psychologist, Yale University Press editor and longtime beekeeper, O'Malley applied his apiarian knowledge to management practices in The Wisdom of Bees: What the Hive Can Teach Business About Leadership, Efficiency, and Growth.
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Some EAPs Find That Online Therapy Clicks With Clients

November 2, 2009
Internet-based counseling and behavioral health services are finding their way into company employee assistance programs alongside in-person and telephone-based therapies. The services use a variety of Internet-related platforms, including e-mail, instant messaging, live chat and, in some cases, Skype video calls or other Internet-based videoconferencing.
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Appeal of Gift Cards Expiring

September 30, 2009
Gift cards have long been a staple of employee recognition programs. But then came high-profile bankruptcies of well-known retailers and criticism of the profits that vendors make from gift-card “breakage”—the term for cards that are sold but not used.
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