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When Tests Go Bad

June 18, 2008
Cheating bred by ‘brain dump’ Web sites and lax security at testing centers—plus a glut of programs—have given IT certifications a black eye that industry groups are scrambling to fix. Meanwhile, hirers beware.
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Keeping a Watchful Eye

June 6, 2008
A California court case shows how using video cameras to monitor employees can create problems for employers and how some situations could be alleviated by well-documented policies and practices.
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Right on Schedule

May 15, 2008
Using shift-scheduling software, hospitals can reduce overhead by planning shift work more efficiently and keep nurses happy by giving them more say over their hours.
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The New Job Sharers

May 15, 2008
In addition to women seeking a greater measure of work/life balance, the most recent entrants to the ranks of job sharing include older workers phasing into retirement, Gen Y employees who don’t want to work so hard, and disabled workers.
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A Business Sparked by the Online I-9

April 17, 2008
The recently revised version of the employment eligibility verification form can be completed and stored electronically, and that change has given rise to a new service: Web-based paperless I-9 compliance. Vendors say they can help client companies fill out and store the forms more accurately, efficiently and safely than they could by themselves.
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Now Showing on the Small Screen

March 13, 2008
HR software is going mobile. So far, the programs are transaction-based and intended for small businesses or workers on the go. But judging from what’s happening behind the scenes, it won’t be long before more HR programs make their small-screen debut.
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