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Now Showing on the Small Screen

March 13, 2008
HR software is going mobile. So far, the programs are transaction-based and intended for small businesses or workers on the go. But judging from what’s happening behind the scenes, it won’t be long before more HR programs make their small-screen debut.
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Get Your 'A' Players Here

March 10, 2008
There's only one place you should be getting your talent from, according to Brad Smart. But 'topgrading,' the author and consultant's rigorous hiring method that emphasizes loading the workforce with 'A' players, is not without its detractors.
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Escape from Excel Hell

March 6, 2008
For companies seeking release from the tortures of manually calculating sales commissions, sales incentive management software can be a godsend. It has been around for about six years, but is taking off now that companies have begun to offer ‘software as a service’ and hosted solutions that are priced lower than the original high-end, on-premises software.
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Reality Check at NiSource

February 21, 2008
In June 2005, when NiSource signed a 10-year, $1.6 billion contract to shift HR, IT, procurement, and finance and accounting to IBM, the deal was heralded as an example of a new breed of outsourcing. But for NiSource, at least, the future didn’t turn out quite as planned.
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Hiring Back Retirees Via Third Parties

February 8, 2008
Even though the Pension Preservation Act of 2006 eased some restrictions on keeping on older employees while they draw on pensions, companies have been reluctant to give up the relationships they have formed with third-party providers. Companies with established ties to staffing firms are happy with an arrangement that’s familiar and fulfills their need for additional help on an as-needed basis.
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