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Pension and Retirement Benefits Phased Retirement--Firms Wing It

February 8, 2008
Even though the Pension Preservation Act of 2006 eased some restrictions on keeping on older employees while they draw on pensions, companies have been reluctant to give up the relationships they have formed with third-party providers. Companies with established ties to staffing firms are happy with an arrangement that’s familiar and fulfills their need for additional help on an as-needed basis.
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A Master Act of Coordination

December 11, 2007
If the logistics of mounting Cirque du Soleil’s signature big tent productions seem daunting, so is the behind-the-scenes maneuvering to keep entertainers and other employees properly insured and protected. That task continues to grow as the privately held Montreal entertainment enterprise adds to its eight touring troupes, five resident shows and related projects.
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Convergys Rising

February 3, 2006
Last year, Convergys won a $1.1 billion HR outsourcing deal with DuPont in what's been called the biggest HRO contract ever. Following a year of high-profile deals that vaulted Convergys to the No. 2 player in HR outsourcing, the company now steps up to the real test: putting those contracts into action while still serving its existing clients.
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