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Pushing Money Toward The Top

November 13, 2007
"Companies talk about the war for talent, but overriding all the concern about talent retention is the fact that companies are still determined to hold down fixed costs. “Budgets are not going to get bigger,"" one consultant says.""You have to cut one group to raise another.”"
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Compensation and Salary Forecast Lackluster Performance

November 13, 2007
Talent retention and development are top priorities for CEOs and workforce management executives, but salary budgets are flat and, at many companies, performance management is only getting lip service. In a world of limited compensation resources, making performance programs work is the name of the game for 2008 and beyond.
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Recruiting the Closer Dealing With a Deal Maker

October 24, 2007
Sales skills differentiate companies in the retail world—particularly in luxury goods, where product features and brand identity are not enough to close the deal and sales skills drive profit-margin growth. Diamond jewelry is the most highly sought-after category of luxury goods, and selling it requires the ability to close a deal on an item that often carries heavy emotional significance and a high price tag.
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Candidate Care Counts

September 25, 2007
How does a relatively small, relatively unknown printing company go head-to-head against Google, Yahoo, Cisco, Intel, Monster and Microsoft for top talent and score a 97 percent win rate for offer acceptance? How does it pull in enough new technology and marketing hires to support annual global revenue growth approaching 70 percent? And how does it continue to fill almost half of all its positions with a referral program that pays a modest flat fee of $1,500?
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Avoiding Age Discrimination Claims in Hiring

August 13, 2007
Employers must prepare for more age discrimination claims arising from the hiring process as the labor pool ages and courts reject traditional legal defenses. Shifts in demographic trends and judicial reasoning have combined to set the stage for a rapid rise in the risks posed by unsuccessful job candidates who fall within the protected class of workers age 40 and older under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.
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Reorganizing the Recruiting Function

July 11, 2007
With market-driven obstacles mounting, some health care organizations are pulling the entire recruiting function apart and putting it back together again with a new organizational structure and deep changes in every part of the recruitment process.
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