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Avoid Getting Sued Risks and Rewards in Recruitment Record Keeping

February 21, 2007
Employers received a harsh reminder of the importance of consistent recruitment practices and record-keeping policies when an administrative law judge approved a consent decree requiring Goodyear Tire & Rubber to pay $925,000 in back wages to 800 female job applicants who alleged hiring discrimination. Solid data collection practices during the hiring process can ensure compliance with federal regulations and help track recruiting results.
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Vendors Buying Up Capabilities

February 8, 2007
Companies looking for a comprehensive HRO provider are often confronted with vendors that have rich offerings from their legacy business but a much lower ability to deliver other services.
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High-Performance Recruiting in Tough Markets

February 6, 2007
High job growth, an acute lack of candidates and the inability to find similar skill sets in sister industries create near-impossible conditions for filling critical positions in certain highly competitive businesses. Extensive sourcing and a consultative approach can land top passive candidates.
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Green Card Recruiting

January 23, 2007
With recruiters unable to promise permanent-resident status for top foreign-born job candidates, U.S. employers cannot compete in the global talent markets. The most talented employees worldwide are increasingly unwilling to tolerate the long waits and uncertainty entailed in immigrating to the United States. Instead, they are going to Europe, Canada, Australia and other countries where knowledge workers face fewer immigration difficulties.
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Lowe's Builds Its Employment Brand

January 10, 2007
Lowe's, the second-largest home improvement retailer worldwide, opens a new store every three days and recruits more than 60,000 employees a year. New tools and analytics maximize effectiveness in large-scale recruiting and branding improvement programs.
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