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Speed Recruiting in China

October 25, 2006
Résumé flow is strong and time-to-hire is fast in Asia’s largest labor pool. Broad statements in the U.S. media about an impending talent shortage in China are not borne out by more granular data on the labor supply and direct reports from companies engaged in heavy recruiting.
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Growing Into Applicant Tracking Systems

October 10, 2006
An applicant tracking system only works when all parties—applicants, hiring managers, recruiters and executives—use the system. Ease of use remains an issue for smaller firms while midsize companies are adding functions to existing systems, and large companies are moving toward full integration of applicant tracking and talent management systems.
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Smoothing Business-Cycle Surges With RPO

September 26, 2006
Providers can leverage their scale and expertise to revamp the recruiting process for businesses like pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline that need to deal with sudden hiring surges and workforce deployment changes.
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Going for Global RPO

September 12, 2006
Global end-to-end recruitment process outsourcing, captured in multi-year contracts, allows employers to align their recruiting needs with the worldwide labor market. End-to-end or full-service RPO is still in the early stages of development.
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A Crazy Quilt of Wage Laws

August 31, 2006
As Congress made another attempt to raise the federal minimum wage, Chicago passed a new “big box” ordinance setting minimum wages and benefit spending for the city’s largest retailers. The ordinance is now one of hundreds of state and local laws that form a nationwide crazy quilt of minimum wage regulations.
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