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The CFO Connection

July 1, 2003
Really successful workforce management executives are no longer just in charge of human resources. With financial acumen and partnerships with CFOs, they are running the company from the highest levels.
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Managerial Discipline

June 10, 2003
Human resources and line managers must understand market data and the relevant performance factors. The key question is whether managers really have both the information and the discipline they need to make salary-increase decisions.
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Power to the Line People

May 29, 2003
There's a revolution in compensation, led by companies like Marriott and Dow. They establish market prices for pay, and let line managers make the salary calls. The results are impressive.
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Gearing Up for Active Duty

December 30, 2002
On the eve of what might be the largest reserve deployment in U.S. history, companies vary widely in how they treat reservists. Some do the bare minimum, or pressure employees to leave the reserves. Others support reservists, and reap loyalty and recruiting benefits.
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