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Making a Case for Hiring Bars

February 25, 2010
Experts agree that the EEOC and the federal courts will soon require the evidence-based screening and hiring policies. Hiring bars for people with criminal records must be grounded in substantive research on the actual risk of recidivism.
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Study Finds Widespread Wage Theft

January 12, 2010
A new landmark pay records investigation documents rampant wage-and-hour law violations that translate into wage theft of 15 percent of earnings, or a labor cost advantage of 15 percent for employers that violate the law—more than enough to undercut competitor companies.
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R&D Sent to China

December 30, 2009
Offshore outsourcing growth slowed briefly during the recession but came roaring back in the second quarter of 2009, with every indicator pointing to heady growth rates ahead.
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