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Why the Best HR Leaders Are Moderate Republicans

March 23, 2010
Commentary: Both Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan could have been great HR pros. Turns out that in order to be a great HR leader, it’s more important to be a moderate than either a Republican or a Democrat. Need proof? Let’s examine the relationship between getting things done in politics and getting things done in HR.
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The Five Biggest Lies in HR

March 4, 2010
Commentary: You hear them all the time: ‘Work/life balance is HR’s responsibility.’ ‘Our company wants only “A” players.’ And other falsehoods. HR has spawned narratives that make the function seem like a cross between Mother Teresa and Stuart Smalley.
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Why Forcing Managers to Interview Minority Candidates Is Good Business

February 9, 2010
Commentary: To strip the emotion out of the issue, you have to stop talking about affirmative action and start talking about how the world of hiring works. To do that, let’s replace ‘minority candidate’ with ‘internal candidate’ and evaluate the general merits of forcing interviews—even if it seems the hiring decision has already been made.
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Why Integrity Doesnt Drive Performance

January 19, 2010
Commentary: If you want a performance management process to reinforce or build cultural values at your company, you’ll need more than lip service to those values. You’ll need to make some current team members a little uncomfortable with your view of values, and possibly even make them think that they don’t belong at your company.
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