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Why SHRM Should Bail Out HR

January 19, 2009
Here’s the HR Capitalist’s modest proposal: SHRM should spend its $179 million reserve fund to bring badly needed technology skills, leadership chops and business savvy to the profession.
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64 Percent Turnover Good Job, Dude!

December 4, 2008
HR isn’t known for quantifiable metrics, so bragging about the low turnover rates in the businesses we support represents a rare opportunity to feel a little bit superior. Of course, we conveniently forget that industry, pay strategy and culture all intersect and conspire to make such comparisons ridiculous.
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HR Feedback for Your Boss

November 26, 2008
Whether your boss is in HR or she’s the person running the entire show, all bosses need some straight talk sometimes from their HR pros before an oversight or blind spot mortally wounds them.
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What Your Personal Board of Directors Wants From HR

September 19, 2008
Rather than give you the usual ‘blah, blah, blah’ from me, I’ve commissioned my own personal board of directors to tell us what HR should do to take the seat. Here’s HR’s real path to influence and achievement, as outlined by a CEO, a CFO, a VP of marketing, a director of customer service, a general counsel and a VP of sales.
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Pay Transparency Dont Drink the Kool-Aid

August 27, 2008
It’s becoming trendy and progressive to say that you should arm employees with all types of pay information, up to and including the salaries of other employees. But this recommendation nearly always comes from people who don’t have to live with the decision to publicize pay information.
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Rules of Engagement

July 10, 2008
You don’t need a consultant to start getting more engagement out of your workforce. Some of the answers are common sense. The HR Capitalist has some tips on maximizing your employee engagement levels, starting with this one: Don’t hire clock watchers.
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The Five Worst Jobs in HR

June 13, 2008
Can you guess what they are? Are you in one of them? Are you headed toward one of them? Here are the HR jobs to avoid—or spend the next few years of your career wishing you had.
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