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What Are HR Certifications Worth

December 6, 2007
If you’ve wondered whether the PHR or SPHR certifications are worth the paper they’re printed on, read on. Kris Dunn breaks it all down for you, focusing on the exclusivity of the certification, the effort required to pass the exams and—of course—the critical question of ROI.
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Take the Quiz Does Your HR Job Stink

November 9, 2007
Good HR people are in high demand. That's good to know. However, before you decide to put yourself in the marketplace, you need to determine a way to evaluate the strength of your current HR position, honestly and objectively. Try this quick test and see if you should stay or go.
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Money Won't Buy You Love

September 25, 2007
Your managers will tell you cash is king when it comes to retaining top talent. The truth is, you’ll never deliver enough money to keep the stars from moving across the street. But that doesn’t mean you have to lose them. Here are four ways to fight back.
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Why Do Companies Keep Jerks Around

August 10, 2007
A popular book advocates not putting up with these jokers, and we all agreed it was a great idea. Then we all went back to work and kept on tolerating them. What the hell happened? Some managers think they need them.
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Good Versus Bad Turnover Making the Call

July 30, 2007
Everyone agrees with the concept of good turnover and bad turnover. But as the HR pro reporting on it, you have to dig into all the termination scenarios to know which is which. And there are probably hundreds of variations. Here’s how to start sorting.
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Copping Out on Performance Management

June 28, 2007
Sometimes performance management systems give managers the chance to gloss over the tough conversations that could really drive excellent performance. Here's how to remove the 'bail out' feature and improve the review process.
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Evolution for Generalists

June 1, 2007
Rather than rant or sulk about critiques of HR generalists, here's something to do about filling weak spots in your HR practice: A list of "smart plays" that generalists can use to create results for the organizations they serve. They can follow this roadmap, add a couple of points to give it unique style, and watch the critics fade into the background.
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