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Serious Progress in Strategic Workforce Planning

July 1, 2010
A Conference Board study contains case histories of a handful of early adopters of strategic workforce planning, showing how they’ve forged ahead in linking human capital development with strategic goals. Their success bodes well for strategic workforce planning’s eventual wider acceptance, and the study shows what strategic workforce planning really entails.
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A Case for Poaching

June 1, 2010
University researchers assert that resentment over 'lateral hiring' is not only unjustified, but is damaging to workers, the economy and the angered employers themselves.
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Leadership Development for All

May 3, 2010
Qualcomm believes its unusual approach to leadership training—there's no segmentation of the workforce into high- or low-potential leadership prospects—is a major reason for the company's success.
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Tough Times Bring Clients to Disneys Training Business

March 16, 2009
Though companies are under increasing pressure to cut expenses, training experts say that forced austerity may be driving organizations to spend what few dollars they can spare for training on one of the world’s most illustrious brand names. Some other organizations are following Disney’s lead in the field.
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