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Diversity Aside, Does it Pay to Search for Gays

March 1, 2004
Companies such as NCR are making a deliberate effort to market themselves to potential hires as gay-friendly. These companies are actively recruiting gay and lesbian talent—by advertising in gay publications, participating in job fairs run by gay professional and student groups, and using job-search engines at gay-oriented Web sites such as and
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The Center of Attention

February 27, 2004
Wachovia's recruiting team serves individual business units and keeps the company's strategic hiring goals on track. Internal clients feel that the recruiters work just for them--and they like that.
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This is No Kind of Relationship

January 5, 2004
Corporations are spending millions of dollars on “relationship-management software” that enables them to build ongoing relationships with job candidates until hiring picks up. Funny thing is, hardly anyone is making much use of the systems.
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The China Puzzle

November 26, 2003
Global companies face a gargantuan task in the 21st century: managing employees worldwide. How well organizations handle talent wars, the shift to localized management and cultural issues will make--or break--them.
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New Hope for Troubled Retirement Plans

October 3, 2003
Employees are wary of 401 (k)s. Courts question cash-balance plans. Old-fashioned pensions are draining corporate coffers. Salvation might be at hand if the federal government is persuaded to legalize a new model that combines the best features of defined benefit and defined contribution plans.
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