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Optimas Award Innovation Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

July 1, 2003
SRA International's Nurse Advocacy Program, winner of the Optimas Award for innovation, has dramatically reduced its insurance premiums and lost work time from illness and injury. Along the way, the company found another benefit--a happier, more loyal, more productive workforce.
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Search and Employ

May 29, 2003
"If you're going to hire top scientists, you need to understand them--what books are on their shelves, what they listen to on the radio," says Anthony Damaschino, who confesses to sometimes stealing a peek at the desktop clutter of Chiron's scientists as part of his research.
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Cisco's Homegrown Gamble

February 27, 2003
The company that believed buying talent was the key to success now relies on developing the employees it already has. Not everyone is convinced the strategy will keep Cisco Systems on top.
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Unite or Die

January 30, 2003
If bankrupt United Airlines is going to survive, CEO Glenn F. Tilton will have to gain the trust of a badly divided workforce and find ways to get them to work together more efficiently. It's not mission impossible: Continental emerged from two bankruptcies and is prospering.
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Acxiom Rebuilds from Scratch

November 28, 2002
At Acxiom there are no fancy titles. Everyone's office is the same size, and nobody worries about going through the proper channels. The results? Phenomenal growth and a contented workforce.
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