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The Return of the House Call

Rather than have employees misuse emergency rooms for minor ailments, Microsoft and some other employers are beginning to contract with providers who can deliver health care to employees via the old-fashioned house call. Technology makes it easy to transport a doctor’s tools of the trade, visits are unhurried, and the cost is far less than an ER visit.
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The End of One-Size-Fits-All Co-Pays

April 10, 2007
The goal of 'value-based insurance design' is to get more value out of a company’s health care dollars by making sure people get the drugs they need by lowering or eliminating co-pays. Meanwhile, those for whom a drug is of minimal medical benefit would pay higher co-pays to get it.
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Climbing the Career Ladder

March 23, 2007
When Dina Marie LaMarche found that her employer, Sun Healthcare, was willing to provide her training and pay for it in order to retain staff, she jumped at the chance. “What they’re doing for us is just a blessing.”
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