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Home-Spun Health Savings

July 10, 2010
Boeing's two-year initiative shows that the medical home approach to care, in which teams of doctors and nurses coordinate treatment, can improve the sickest employees’ health and reduce costs. Now it's up to other employers and insurers to build on the success.
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A Work-Site Approach to Medical Homes

July 9, 2010
Not all companies need to change the health care system to create medical homes for their employees. In fact, the term 'medical home' broadly refers to improvements in primary care and the coordination of specialty medical care through a team approach that engages patients to take control of their health.
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Work-Site Clinics Gain Favor as Retail Sites Lag

February 23, 2010
Several years ago, pharmacies embraced retail clinics over work-site clinics with the thinking that as more employers used high-deductible health plans, more employees would be interested in low-cost alternatives for basic health care, like flu shots. That’s beginning to change.
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How the Health Care Reform Measures Compare

December 29, 2009
To help employers understand what is at stake for them in the Senate and House versions of the reform bill, Workforce Management (with help from the Kaiser Family Foundation) has compiled a side-by-side comparison of the provisions in each bill that are likely to affect employers.
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