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5 Questions for Jimmy Wales, Founder,—the Wiki-Powered Workplace

December 28, 2009
Jimmy Wales, 43, launched in 2001 in the spirit that collaboration combined with the right technology could create a free online encyclopedia. Businesses have since adopted the wiki (free software downloadable from to encourage collaboration. Wikipedia, the world’s fifth most popular Web site, with about 330 million visitors monthly, operates with a staff of about 25. Workforce Management staff writer Jeremy Smerd spoke with Wales about how businesses use wikis.
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Turning Techies Into Consultants

December 17, 2009
As subject-matter experts, engineers at India-based Wipro have technological expertise as well as knowledge of the industries of the clients they serve. They knew how to build software systems that optimized supply chain but were less capable of articulating ways clients could improve such systems. Here’s how Wipro set about changing that.
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