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The Big News Stories That Werent

December 21, 2007
These stories are the sizzle that fizzeled. These stories are about things that didn’t happen. A blabber blogger CEO escapes punishment, Knicks’management gets a pass on sexual harassment, Robert Nardelli isn’t punished for failing at Home Depot and Michael Moore doesn’t generate controversy.
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Forecasting Talent Challenges

December 20, 2007
The Conference Board recently named Gail Fosler its 12th president. Fosler has been with the Conference Board for 18 years and is noted for being one of the nation’s most accurate economic forecasters through her development of the Conference Board’s leading economic indicators. Fosler spoke with Workforce Management staff writer Jeremy Smerd.
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The Silent Treatment 'Just Be Quiet About It'

December 7, 2007
A culture of fear keeps doctors and other health care workers from speaking out about medical errors and dangerous practices. Efforts to improve health care quality have slammed up against a reluctance among medical workers to report preventable errors.
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Are VEBAs the Future of Employee Health Care

October 9, 2007
The contract agreement between the United Auto Workers and Detroit’s Big Three automakers have brought health care trusts known as VEBAs—voluntary employees’ beneficiary associations—to national attention. However, the tiny city of Post Falls, Idaho, may be able to teach the UAW a thing or two about running a VEBA.
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