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Diagnosing the Workforce

September 27, 2007
Cost-conscious employers are gathering detailed data so they can get an accurate picture of their workers’ health and develop a highly individualized disease management program. But determining a precise ROI for such an approach still proves elusive.
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Bargaining for Discount Health Care

September 11, 2007
Critics of high-deductible health plans point out that the more people have to pay for medicine, the less likely they are to purchase it. One company felt that the best solution would be to create a free workplace health clinic that would replicate a primary care physician’s office. For major medical expenses, employees bargained with local doctors for better prices.
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HR Evolves in India

August 30, 2007
Many of today’s HR executives in India got their start in manufacturing. Tomorrow’s executives will have been raised in the bosom of the high-tech industry. Each generation brings a different skill set to India’s ever-changing work world.
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Indias Military an Ideal Training Ground for Business

August 30, 2007
Approximately 60,000 army personnel retire every year; 3,000 are officers, most of them in their mid-50s, according to numbers provided by the Indian Ministry of Defence. This means many are in the prime of their working lives, retiring with an abundance of experience that they can ply in the private sector.
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Future Shock

August 24, 2007
India’s college system is suffering from a deficit in instructors with Ph.D.s, which threatens to derail the country’s plan for a higher-tech outsourcing future. ‘What has happened in Indian education is that everybody is busy plucking the fruit off the trees and no one is planting the trees,’ one expert says.
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Fast Track Greets Indian Returnees

August 17, 2007
For expatriates, the opportunities in India are particularly abundant. With their technical, cultural and language skills sharpened by years in the American market, Indian repatriates are especially well qualified to bridge the gap between Indian and American workforces.
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