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Bumpy Road

October 23, 2008
Contingent staffing has traditionally served as a shock absorber during economic downturns, allowing companies to reduce staffing levels without firing permanent employees.
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Expat Workers Face Headaches Shipping Goods

August 7, 2008
In the recent past, a corporate employee relocating to Europe could expect to get household belongings shipped to the new location in about six weeks. But because of a shortage of shipping containers, it takes twice as long these days, and the process can sometimes drag on for up to six months.
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States Not Waiting for U.S. Reform

July 21, 2008
Arizona is not the only state that's fed up with the glacial pace of immigration reform at the federal level. The National Conference of State Legislatures reports that 41 states enacted 170 immigration related laws in 2007. State legislatures were considering another 1,100 immigration related bills in the first quarter of 2008.
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Arizona's Hard Line on Immigration

July 21, 2008
All eyes are on the Grand Canyon state as it tries to put new restrictions on employers into action. But the toughest reform law in the nation may raise as many issues as it aims to solve—including whether states should even be taking up immigration legislation in the first place.
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Vendor Management Re-evaluated

April 8, 2008
After the collapse of Ensemble Chimes Global, corporations that use contingent staff are taking a second look at VMS companies, those independent software enterprises that had promised to save them money. The scrutiny may work against independent VMS businesses and in favor of larger, better capitalized companies, particularly large staffing firms that offer their own VMS products.
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Gevity Going Back to Its Roots

March 25, 2008
It continues to be a rough ride for the Florida company, which said it is getting out of the HR outsourcing business and returning to its core business as a professional employer organization. The company had net income of $301,000 in the fourth quarter of 2007, compared with $10.6 million a year earlier.
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