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Axiums Collapse Raises Vendor Management Questions

February 7, 2008
When Axium filed for bankruptcy, staffing companies scrambled to collect outstanding bills that have been estimated at anywhere from $100 million to $300 million. Questions are being raised about vendor management system arrangements in general, and their power to control large numbers of staffing vendors.
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The First 21st Century Strike

January 14, 2008
To those who look for trends in labor relations, the Writers Guild of America strike may provide some insights into the future of union activities in the U.S., particularly among workers outside traditional strongholds like manufacturing, service industries and government.
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Temp Lawyers Offering a Permanent Solution

September 12, 2007
High representation in contingent work may be indicative of a broader trend in which African-American lawyers, for various reasons, are opting to work for temporary staffing agencies instead of at law firms. Lack of opportunity could be a factor.
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Temp-to-Perm Trend Still Strong

August 23, 2007
The number of temporary workers retained as full-time employees is expected to grow by 15 percent this year. By using the temp-to-hire approach, companies can try out potential permanent hires without the costs associated with an immediate full-time hire.
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The Independent Contractor Question

June 29, 2007
The use of independent contractors in place of employees has been on the rise in the U.S. for years and continues to stir debate over its impact on worker protections. Congress has recently taken a renewed interest in the subject with the arrival of a Democratic majority, with one representative calling the misclassification of employees as contract workers “a national problem with implications for federal laws and our federal coffers; a problem we must solve.”
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Closing the Skills Gap

May 21, 2007
Companies like Caterpillar and San Antonio’s University Health System are examples of how organizations are using training and development programs to bridge the space between their employees’ skills and their organizations’ needs.
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