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5 Questions for Seth Wolk Opportunity in the Downturn

April 29, 2009
Despite the recession, Seth Wolk, the new director of human interest at Saatchi & Saatchi, is optimistic about the opportunities that the poor economy offers for the advertising agency. He is hoping to use the economic downturn to get to know the existing talent at the company and poach from outside for certain positions. Wolk recently spoke to Workforce Management New York bureau chief Jessica Marquez.
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The Challenge of Communicating 401(k) Cuts

April 5, 2009
A growing number of employers are struggling with the best way to inform the workforce of such cuts. Employers want to make sure they convey to employees accurate legal information about the change, but they also want to address workers with compassion—and a clear message that sets the context for the decision.
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Spotting Red Flags in HRO Deals

March 27, 2009
Mike Wright, senior vice president of HRO sales and marketing at Hewitt Associates, has learned a thing or two about what makes a good client. He also has learned more than he would have liked about what makes a bad one.
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