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Foreign Expat Workers Heading Home in Dramatic Numbers

March 8, 2010
The lack of opportunities in the U.S. plus burgeoning business opportunities on their home turf are causing foreign workers to return to their native lands. Experts warn that the shift will force domestic firms to compete with their one-time workforce as they open their own companies in their native countries.
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New Workforce Orbit—Relaunch at NASA

September 18, 2009
NASA is undergoing a major workforce realignment as it retires the space shuttle. How well the agency preserves critical skills amid the myriad uncertainties of its nascent constellation flight program could affect the nation's supremacy in space.
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Sad for Grads

May 20, 2009
Recruiters visited fewer campuses, firms are looking at their intern pool before new graduates, the numbers reveal employers expect to hire 22 percent fewer grads than in 2008—all in all, it’s tough to be a college graduate in 2009.
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