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Outsourcing Get Over It

March 10, 2006
We can continue to complain about the jobs being lost to lower-cost workers overseas, or we can focus on getting our workforce prepared for the jobs that will be left in the U.S.
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Workers at the Wheel

January 27, 2006
If Ford is to be successful, it must get the company's most critical asset--its people--fully engaged and enthusiastic about the challenge ahead.
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A Leader in Name Only

January 13, 2006
Former Enron CEO Ken Lay's Houston speech wasn't about motivating his former employees. It was a self-centered attempt to publicly frame his defense strategy and maybe even lobby the jurors who will be sitting in judgment when his case goes to trial.
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Why The Meager Raises

December 12, 2005
Despite strong corporate earnings, real wages for American workers will finish 2005 down by about 2 percent because of rising prices and small annual pay increases.
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The Cult of Welch

October 11, 2005
After five years away from GE, Jack Welch has still got a powerful message that hits home for just about anyone in a leadership role.
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