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The High Cost of Buyouts

March 20, 2009
Commentary: By letting employees self-select, you risk losing high-value employees who know they can probably get another job, leaving you with low-value employees who probably know they can’t go anywhere else.
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Getting Ready for 'Stealth' Unionization

March 3, 2009
Commentary: The key action step for HR professionals in combating the effects of the Employee Free Choice Act isn’t just initiating a lobbying campaign against unions. It is refocusing your efforts on delivering a world-class work experience to your employees.
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Comp Collapse

November 7, 2008
When the post-mortem on the financial disaster is complete, don't be surprised when one finger is pointed at the compensation function, writes Dr. John Sullivan.
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A New Breed of Ageism

October 10, 2008
Generational stereotyping can cause more problems than it solves because offering the wrong motivators to individuals sends a message that you don’t understand their needs and goals.
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Hidden Passion

September 15, 2008
It almost seems as if HR is purposely making it difficult for outsiders to discover the excitement and to learn about the people who make a firm unique, Dr. John Sullivan says.
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A Flexible Force

July 24, 2008
Having a contingent staffing strategy helps HR avoid traditional (and flawed) cost-cutting approaches such as the freezing of hiring, promotions, pay or budgets.
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