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Tap the CFO on Metrics

October 22, 2006
HR metrics currently in use by most organizations prove nothing. I find that most HR metrics fail to excite anyone in the executive suite because the ones selected are the wrong metrics. Few organizations involve the CFO in developing a suite of measures that have real meaning and value.
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Flushing Out HR Snakes

August 25, 2006
The movie "Snakes on a Plane" depicts the terror of being trapped in a confined space with life-threatening pythons, rattlesnakes and the like. While some might see this movie as having no connection to human resources, I see it as the perfect metaphor for the typical HR department.
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Personalizing Motivation

March 27, 2006
Beginning with this post. Dr. John Sullivan will write a monthly column for and Workforce Management . Sullivan, a professor of management at San Francisco State University, is one of the leading strategists in the field of workforce management. Human resource professionals must accept the responsibility of providing managers with a list of what motivates and frustrates a new or recently transferred employee.
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