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Training Adapts to the Downturn

February 5, 2009
During economic downturns, training dollars usually are a tempting line item to cut. But in this downturn—at some companies, at least—there appears to be a different approach at work. One expert says corporate leaders are more inclined to use ‘a scalpel,’ picking and choosing programs to cut or trim back based on long-term strategic goals. Here are the approaches such companies as Southwest Airlines and Paychex are taking.
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The Art of the Subject Line

October 13, 2008
The proliferation of PDAs has added a new layer of writing complexity for readers and writers, both of whom are dealing with important messages crammed into small spaces. One good first step for PDA writing: Pay attention to subject lines.
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Staying Afloat in a Digital Flood

Even though seven of 10 white-collar workers say they feel inundated by e-mails, IMs, text messages and other data sources at work, corporate leaders have been slow to intervene and offer employee support or training in how to manage information overload. That’s starting to change.
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