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Hospital Aims for Culture Where Employees Never Want to Leave

February 2, 2005
Saint Francis is listening to employees more. It’s recruiting from other industries. It’s using a job-shadowing program to let employees try out different positions. Turnover at the 189-bed hospital is down, from 20.6 percent in 2000 to 15.7 percent in 2003. Meanwhile, the hospital has enjoyed a surge in applications.
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Swallowing the Cost of Obesity Treatment

January 5, 2005
When Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina scrutinized medical costs and claims data for its obese members, it discovered that their care cost at least 30 percent more than normal-weight members. That’s when the Chapel Hill-based plan decided to wade into the high-cost, high-stakes world of obesity treatment, rolling out a benefits package that observers describe as one of the most comprehensive available. Now comes the tricky part: getting employers to foot the bill.
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A Leap Into Better Care

October 29, 2004
The Leapfrog Group’s goals are informed health-care choice and a system of rewards for providers that offer superior care. Big companies have the clout to make hospitals respond to the challenge, but the next stage is getting health plans to step up.
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