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Farmers' Markets Finding Their Way Into the Workplace

January 17, 2011
Researchers at Brown University are studying ways for employers to encourage healthy eating—at least in the workplace. Twenty-four companies in Rhode Island and surrounding states will participate in a yearlong study to determine if eating healthful foods will keep workers on the job and help cut health care costs.
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Caregivers Incur Higher Health Costs for Selves

September 1, 2010
A MetLife Mature Market Institute study estimates that U.S. employers pay 8 percent more per year in health care costs for employees who care for elders than for employees without those responsibilities. This could potentially cost U.S. employers $13.4 billion per year, according to the report.
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When Alzheimer's Strikes

November 24, 2008
It’s a growing concern for businesses, experts say, with workforces aging but also people being afflicted early. Experts weigh in on how employers can help affected workers stay productive and on the job.
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