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5 Questions for Jean Wyer, Principal, PricewaterhouseCoopers

November 8, 2006
Jean Wyer received her doctorate in accounting some 30 years ago, at a time when attaining such a high level of education was far more common in the field than it is today. The number of Ph.D.s in accounting has dropped by 50 percent, creating what she refers to as a “train wreck” in the making.
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Wynn Looks to Improve Its Retention Odds

August 31, 2006
Finding 5,000 employees in a small coastal area of just 450,000 people to staff a massive new luxury resort-casino was just one of the many workforce management challenges faced by Wynn Macau. Just as critical is the company’s ability to retain the talent it recruits once the property opens.
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Students Seek Pay Packages Offering Security

July 14, 2006
College undergraduates, burdened with credit card debt, worried about a potential collapse in the Social Security system and influenced by overprotective parents, are anxious about what the future holds and are increasingly turning to employers for stability and security.
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