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The Gospel According to Blanchard

June 6, 2005
Ken Blanchard’s One Minute Manager launched a $44 million leadership-training empire, with family and faith firmly in charge. Far from being defensive about nepotism, the company embraces it as a competitive advantage.
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Wells Fargo's Diversified Assets

March 1, 2005
Many firms herald their talent as their differentiation, but Wells Fargo & Co. has a record to support its rhetoric. When it posted a profit of $7 billion for fiscal 2004, an increase of 13 percent compared with 2003, CEO Dick Kovacevich rewarded employees with a special contribution in Wells Fargo common stock to their 401(k) plans. And despite a massive merger, the company minimized layoffs by retaining staff.
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Diversity Training Addresses Sexual Orientation

May 29, 2004
Gradually, workforce policies are treating sexual orientation on par with other dimensions of diversity, such as race. Some companies embrace gay awareness training because of philosophical beliefs in equality. Others see it as a way to foster teamwork, enhance productivity or woo gay consumers.
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