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Graniterock Reinforces Innovation

October 19, 2005
Employees' accomplishments usually are linked to one of nine corporate priorities: safety, financial performance, community contribution, customer service, profit, efficiency, quality assurance, management and people.
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The Gospel According to Blanchard

June 6, 2005
Ken Blanchard’s One Minute Manager launched a $44 million leadership-training empire, with family and faith firmly in charge. Far from being defensive about nepotism, the company embraces it as a competitive advantage.
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Wells Fargo's Diversified Assets

March 1, 2005
Many firms herald their talent as their differentiation, but Wells Fargo & Co. has a record to support its rhetoric. When it posted a profit of $7 billion for fiscal 2004, an increase of 13 percent compared with 2003, CEO Dick Kovacevich rewarded employees with a special contribution in Wells Fargo common stock to their 401(k) plans. And despite a massive merger, the company minimized layoffs by retaining staff.
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