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Huddling With The Coach

February 1, 2005
Executive coaching has increasingly shifted away from fixing problem managers to helping corporate stars achieve peak performance. In the process, coaching has become, by one estimate, a $1 billion business. Success stories abound, but companies still have to sort out several coaching issues: ROI is not well-defined; there is no standard set of accepted credentials or ethical practices; and some companies have discovered--usually in hindsight--that what their brilliant but problematic executive really needed was not a coach, but a psychiatrist.
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Buckle Up For Bush 2.0

December 30, 2004
If President Bush gets what he wants, companies will find themselves scrambling to keep up with an array of administration initiatives, including the partial privatization of Social Security and the expansion of consumer-driven health care plans. Executives should also expect political solutions for imperiled private pension guarantees, as well as medical malpractice insurance reform and stepped-up enforcement efforts by the Labor Department’s wage-discrimination cops.
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An Appetite For Acquisition

December 6, 2004
Michael Mullarkey, the gung-ho 36-year-old CEO of Workstream Inc., is used to the nickname that his burgeoning firm has acquired: Frankenstream. It’s an allusion to the strategy Mullarkey has used to build his company, creating one human-capital management system by buying up and stitching together niche firms including, Kadiri and ResumeXpress. The big test for Workstream, which has revenue growth but isn’t yet profitable, is how well it can take all those different pieces and use them to expand its client base. One observer says: "Like anything, the question is: How well do they execute?"
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Migraine Time at Medco

October 1, 2004
Medco Health Solutions Inc., faces a host of headaches, including the rocky future of health care, regulatory scrutiny and fierce competition from other pharmacy benefit managers. CEO David Snow, Jr., who took over Medco's leadership in 2003 as it separated from parent company Merck & Co. Inc., says he's up for the challenge.
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