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The Good News About a Bad Fight

May 3, 2004
The fight by Oracle to take over PeopleSoft has dominated headlines and elevated the visibility of high-end enterprise resource planning systems. These programs, with their human-capital capabilities, have become so important to corporations that human resources executives who ignore them do so at their own risk. Experts say that workforce management executives who insist on keeping their focus on conventional functions could find themselves on the outside looking in, losers in the strategic battle by corporate leaders to extract ever greater productivity, profits and talent from the workforce.
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A Plan for Spam

April 2, 2004
Employers beset by spammed résumés might finally get a break--at least from the EEOC. Filling out a paper application for a specific job is an obvious interest. But what about someone who sends out dozens of electronic résumés without particular jobs in mind? A new proposal would redefine the term "job applicant" in language that makes it clear that simply sending out a résumé doesn't turn someone into one.
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GM Goes Fast

March 1, 2004
Driven by changes in human resources, GM is cutting bureaucracy and cultivating a get-it-done culture. The result is innovation, action and millions of dollars in savings for the automaker.
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People Problems on Every Aisle

January 30, 2004
The world's largest retailer is beset by allegations of discrimination, overtime-law violations and turnover that is "spiraling in the wrong direction," to the tune of some 600,000 employees a year. For a company that practices what could be called HR lite, it might be time for a change.
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Forget the Silver Bullets and Put in Something that Works

January 5, 2004
The odds of a software implementation have improved. The bad news is that only 34 percent of them are deemed successful. But that's up from 16 percent in 1994. Fixing mistakes is big business. One company after another has tried to implement its own system and then given up and decided to hand the headache over to someone else.
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