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Business Learns to Speak IT--and Vice Versa

September 15, 2004
For IT departments to operate at peak efficiency, they need to understand why their projects are being done in the first place. Southern California Edison is teaching that business premise to its IT employees. It’s also putting its senior executives through training on such things as how to cost-justify IT projects.
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Hiring Without Limits

June 1, 2004
At IBM, disabled workers contribute millions to the bottom line, and provide a crucial point of view for a company that makes and sells technology for people with disabilities. "We consider diversity strategic to our organization," says Jim Sinocchi, director of diversity communications at IBM, who is a paraplegic. "We don't hire people who are disabled just because it's a nice thing to do. We do it because it's the right thing to do from a business standpoint."
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New Ideas Draw Older Workers

February 27, 2004
Baptist Health South Florida is beating the perennial hospital problem of unfilled jobs and high turnover by fine-tuning its policies and jobs to appeal to workers over 50.
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