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Chaos Performance Review

August 2, 2005
Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao says that her department's mission is to ensure the competitiveness of the American workforce. Two aides, Deputy Secretary Steven Law and Assistant Secretary Ann Combs, answer questions about department business, pension reform and how their boss, now the second-longest-tenured labor secretary in U.S. history, does her job.
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Taleo's Next Version Public Company

June 29, 2005
Initial public offerings may stir memories of the late 1990s, when it seemed like anyone with an idea, a Web site and a generous helping of other people's money could take a company public-and watch it all disappear just as easily. But Taleo, which originated in Canada five years ago as a company called Recruitsoft, is no dot-com pipe dream. With a new CEO and CFO now in place, Taleo is poised for an initial public offering and expansion.
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