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The Mindfield of Depression

August 29, 2003
Almost everyone agrees that depression is a disease that endangers millions of lives and livelihoods. It also costs businesses billions of dollars each year. But what should business do about its treatment? That's where the arguments begin. One approach favors "talk therapy" and medication with antidepressants, while the other relies on treatment that's more pharmaceutical than psychiatric. Plus: Declining coverage for behavioral health.
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Holmes' Improvement at Edward Jones

July 31, 2003
Despite a bear market, St. Louis retail broker Edward Jones enjoys enviable profitability, delights its customers and reigns supreme on Fortune 's list of best companies to work for. Chief human resources officer Michael Holmes doesn't claim credit, but it couldn't have happened without him.
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Dead Man's Curve

July 1, 2003
Whether you call it forced ranking, the "vitality curve" or another alias, it's a workforce performance tool that's used by up to one in five Fortune 500 companies. But most of them refuse to talk about it. Why is that? Ask Ford, which paid out $10.5 million over forced ranking-related discrimination claims.
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Spare Him the Gurus

May 30, 2003
What has made the founder of Paychex very, very successful is brains, drive and tenacity. And those are the very qualities he wants in the people he hires and trains. He has led his payroll and benefits outsourcing business from a one-man enterprise into a 7,400-plus-employee corporation. A graduate of a little-known state college, he has a net worth of more than $1.1 billion.
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