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Part-Timers Make Headline News Here's the Real HR Story

November 1, 1997
In August, United Parcel Service (UPS) faced a strike over part-time work and benefits that captured national attention. While UPS (which was doing a lot of things right) wraps up a final agreement with the Teamsters, all HR professionals should take a close look at their contingent worker strategies.
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Love vs. WorkHow You Lose by Making Employees Choose

September 1, 1997
Recent reports of military personnel infidelities prompted Workforce to look at love as a work issue. What we uncovered was a huge work/life problem that HR has ignored: relationship stress due to extreme overwork. Learn why employees have been suffering in silence and why companies must address the issue.
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CEOs Talk to Their Peers

June 1, 1997
In companies in which HR practices have shown a measurable financial impact, the CEOs understand the value the function brings to the bottom line. What advice do these executives have?
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Blow the Whistle On Employment Disputes

May 1, 1997
For years, companies have shied away from employment contracts fearing the courts would interpret them as a promise of employment. But runaway litigation costs are causing many employers to use a new form of contract-the mandatory arbitration agreement -- resulting in faster conflict resolution, lower legal costs and happier employees.
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