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Teaming Up To Cut Health-care Costs

September 1, 1993
HR executives are banding together in communities throughout the U.S. to form health-care coalitions. Through their combined purchasing power, these coalitions are changing the way that health care is purchased and delivered in this country.
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How HR Drives TQM

August 1, 1993
From hiring and compensation to training and performance management, every HR system influences employee performance and thus, the success or failure of a total quality initiative. Keeping HR systems aligned with quality strategies will be the HR challenge of the next decade.
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AAL Uses Varied Approach To Compensate Teams

June 1, 1993
AAL revamps their compensation program to include four main elements which will challenge employees to see the whole job, rather then just the piece they performed individually, and to increase additional employee learning to help teams find ways to boost overall performance.
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