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What Would You Put in a Time Capsule

January 1, 1997
Today’s HR professionals are required to have a vast amount of knowledge on a wide array of topics. But who’s to say these same issues will dominate the HR agenda in years to come? Workforce asked several HR professionals: What items would record H
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Expats Say Help Make Us Mobile

August 7, 1996
Expatriates expect to move. But today, Shell Internationale Petroleum, B.V. and its expats are learning how difficult global mobility has become. The company's recent survey explains why and identifies steps for HR to take in making the assignment work fo
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Flexible Scheduling Comes Out of Flux

No longer are alternative work arrangements the exclusive domain of mothers. Today, companies such as Bank of Montreal and Price Waterhouse are beginning to accommodate all types of workers with assorted needs. A recent study by Catalyst, "Making Work Flexible: Policy to Practice," provides clues to their success.
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One Assignment, Two Lives

Today's global managers have more to consider than just the expat. International assignments increasingly are turned down or disrupted because of dissatisfied spouses. For the expats' assignments to succeed, HR will have to design helpful programs that ma
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