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What If They Don't Retire

December 1, 1997
Or can't? Whether by choice or necessity, three-quarters of all boomers will likely work past age 65 as full-time or part-time workers. HR managers must position their employment practices now, to ensure future success.
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Amoco Trains Its HR Team Members To Be Internal Consultants

October 1, 1997
Amoco's HR educators have been work diligently to help the complany's HR people with internal consulting skills. The program involves HR professionals learning about Amoco's general business model, getting specific feedback about their capabilities, understanding HR's role and mission and interacting with their peers and executive managers.
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Cashing In on Safety

August 1, 1997
Rewarding employees for safety is a business strategy that's keeping workers' compensation costs and injury rates down. Find out what business issues are driving the trend, and the strategies that companies-big and small-are using.
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Bayer Corp. Rating Jobs Against New Values

May 1, 1997
When Bayer's three U.S. companies merged into one, the firm redesigned its job-evaluation system to fit the company's new vision, values and goals. The new system is helping managers identify and measure competencies the organization needs for future success.
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