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PEOs Make HR Easier With Staff Leasing

December 1, 1996
Smaller companies usually choke on high employment costs. But many small- to medium-size firms now outsource many types of HR services to professional employer organizations (PEOs)-from payroll and benefits to the drastic move of outsourcing HR administration for their entire workforce. It may be just the solution your company is looking for.
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Duke's Newest Power Tool

June 1, 1996
To stay alive in a deregulated utility market, Duke Power Co. had to develop a new workforce-planning process that would utilize current skills, but also help grow competencies needed for the future. What it came up with was simple, yet effective-and makes sense for today's rapidly changing businesses.
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Employing Society's Outcasts

April 1, 1996
Never say never. Companies that employ individuals whom other companies consider unemployable—such as the homeless, former felons or people with little formal education—are finding that the benefits far outweigh the risks, and that it's also the socially
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