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Despite Painful Cutbacks, These Companies Still Have Recruiting Power

March 1, 2004
Employers that handled the downturn well are ready to sell themselves to job candidates as the economic expansion grows. Accenture employees feel like they’ve been “re-recruited.” One Sun employee wouldn’t leave even if offered a good position elsewhere--she’s too used to the lack of a commute. Healthwise has created “an enormous amount of goodwill.”
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Did You Get the Employee You Wanted

October 3, 2003
For companies like Ritz-Carlton and Bristol-Myers Squibb, judging quality in new employees is far more than just a gut feeling--it’s a process that begins before employees are even hired. Vice presidents from these two companies talk about how they turn softer measurements--such as whether customers are greeted in a friendly manner--into hard data, producing results that put them at the forefront of a trend.
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Patrice Barbedette’s European Vocation

May 30, 2003
A number of American companies are hawking workforce technology that claims to go beyond applicant tracking and handle “relationship management”--the whole life cycle of an employee. In Europe, the founder of the unsung company Jobpartners has similar aspirations.
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Hospital President Sparks Groundbreaking Recruiting Campaign

May 2, 2003
St. Bernardine Medical Center president Steven Barron asked for 100 new nurses to be hired in 100 days, a steep goal considering the nationwide nursing shortage. Human resources, marketing, and the head of nursing put their heads together and decided--for the first time--that rather than hand off the task to recruiting, the three would work as a team. The result was a slick ad campaign that went far beyond targeting would-be nurses: it re-branded the hospital and gave it a charismatic new image.
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