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Did You Get the Employee You Wanted

October 3, 2003
For companies like Ritz-Carlton and Bristol-Myers Squibb, judging quality in new employees is far more than just a gut feeling--it’s a process that begins before employees are even hired. Vice presidents from these two companies talk about how they turn softer measurements--such as whether customers are greeted in a friendly manner--into hard data, producing results that put them at the forefront of a trend.
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Hospital President Sparks Groundbreaking Recruiting Campaign

St. Bernardine Medical Center president Steven Barron asked for 100 new nurses to be hired in 100 days, a steep goal considering the nationwide nursing shortage. Human resources, marketing, and the head of nursing put their heads together and decided--for the first time--that rather than hand off the task to recruiting, the three would work as a team. The result was a slick ad campaign that went far beyond targeting would-be nurses: it re-branded the hospital and gave it a charismatic new image.
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