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Engage Electronic Liaisons

October 1, 1996
Organizations are continuing to expand the role technology plays in employee/employer communication. HR managers, therefore, can help employees tap into a key strength of computer-based communication: customized information.
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Cyberangels to the Rescue

September 1, 1996
Avoid the terror of losing your computer data. In addition to basic prevention practices, rest assured there's a new kid on the block: data rescuers. These experts are few in number, but in a worst-case scenario, they may save your day—and your job.
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Wiring Up Workers' Comp Claims

April 1, 1996
By using Electronic Data Interchange, your benefits managers can streamline an otherwise cumbersome process. Add speed, accuracy and consistency by utilizing today's technological innovations.
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Use Technology To Manage Your Expats

December 1, 1995
Global employees don't have to feel detached from the home office anymore. By using technology, HR managers can assist in their relocation, orientation, financial planning and communication-no matter where they are.
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